Monday, April 16, 2018

Mimi's Butterfly Quilt

Mimi made this bright and happy quilt! I think she will donate it to a needy family!

Flutterbys was the quilting pattern.

White thread was used.

The border on the quilt. Nicely done!!

The backing.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Jeff's Quilt

Diane made this quilt for her son, Jeff.! A tractor friendly quilt!

Ride into the Sunset 2 was the quilting pattern.

Ginger Spice was the thread color.

The pattern really shows up in the borders.
I think he'll love it!

The backing.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Carl's Quilt

Oh, nothing like a vintage autograph quilt to start the day! Barb pieced the blocks together for her son-in-law's uncle who found the blocks in things that had belonged to his mother. It's unknown what the blocks were originally made for, but they are together now and will make a great quilt for Carl to hang on his wall.

Janet's Swirl Pano 002 was the quilting pattern.

Goose was the thread color.

A lot of names that had once been friends or family, no doubt.

And the feed sack fabrics are great!

I think Carl will love this quilt! Great job, Barb!

And the back had another set of blocks because there were too many for the front of the quilt.

The light blue fabric was vintage fabric also.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

John's Quilt

Mim cross stitched and embroidered this magnificent quilt! She has made one for each of her grandchildren. This one is for John. what a lot of work and oh so pretty!

The center area.

BBP Flower Sweep 001 was the quilting pattern.

White thread was used for the quilting.

The corners have these designs.

The sides have these designs.

The center again, so nicely done!

The backing.

Angie's Quilt

Lois pieced this cute little quilt from clothes that belonged to her niece's baby. So it will be a great little memory quilt for Angie and her son for when he was very young. 

A simple Meander was the quilting pattern.

Medium Grey was the thread color.

So cute! Nicely done!

The backing!

Debbie's Batik Beauty

Debbie pieced this quilt and those color combinations are just perfect! She really knows how to put the right color combinations together!

Leaf Pano 019 was the quilting pattern.

Trainer Green was the thread color.

Just beautiful!

The backing.

Jessica's Graduation Quilt

Mary Ellen made this t-shirt quilt for her granddaughter, Jessica. A wonderful memory of high school for her!

Butterfly 1 Pano was the quilting pattern done in Begonia thread. 

She will love it! Nicely done!

The soft backing.

Ben's Graduation Quilt

Judy made this fun quilt for her great nephew, Ben, for his graduation. Ben loves orange, so this will hit the spot! He will love it!

She even appliqued all those circles on the quilt!

Burnt Orange was the thread color.

Just Squares and Circles Pano 001 was the quilting pattern.

The backing.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Erik's Quilt

These t-shirts represent 14 years of working as the sound man for the Lied Center in Lincoln for the Thespian festivals. Linda put them all together for her son, Erik. A great memory of all those years. 

Medium Grey was the color of the thread used.

Masks and Notes Simple was the quilting pattern.

Two corner blocks have these masks!

Great quilt! Rumor has it, Erik's giving it away, but maybe not when he sees the finished product??

The borders of the quilt.

The backing of the quilt!