Saturday, November 17, 2018

Lynne's Moon Glow Quilt

Feast your eyes on this quilt! It's a Jinny Beyer quilt pattern and Jinny Beyer fabrics that make this fabulous quilt. And Lynne did a marvelous job with the piecing, paper piecing and all that went into making this quilt. She worked on it diligently and had it done in a short 5 weeks!

It's going to her son and his wife and they will love it!

Chestnut Swirls was the quilting pattern.

The borders on the quilt.

Perfectly pieced star variations.


Peacock was the thread color.

Love the colors, too!

A wowser of a quilt!

The backing.

Nan's Quilt

A layer cake and some extra piecing fabric and Lynne has made a beautiful quilt for her sister-in-law, Nan. Won't she be surprised and delighted to get this gift!

Curls in the Garden 003 was the quilting pattern.

Deep Lilac was the thread color.

Great job! She will love it!

The backing.

Jan's Let's Build A Snowman Quilt

This is such a cute quilt! Jan made this quilt and it has so much to see and so much applique! She did a wonderful job on this happy cheerful quilt!

Swirling Snowflakes Pano 001 was the quilting pattern.

The parts!

The building of the men.

White thread was used for the quilting.

And the mittens all in a row!

The backing.

Max's Quilt

Dee put this quilt together for her youngest grandson, Max. He loves horses and is learning to throw a lasso. This quilt will inspire him even more!

Lasso was the quilting pattern.

Ginger Spice was the thread color.

The backing.

Chuck's Quilt

Dee made this quilt for her brother, Chuck. His previous quilt was chewed up by a dog.  So hopefully this one with dogs on it will be safe and sound! He will love his dog quilt!

Labrador Pano 001 was the quilting pattern.

Antiqued Gold was the thread color.

The borders on the quilt.

The backing which really shows the dogs.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

James's Quilt

Cay made quilts for her daughters, but then her son asked why he didn't have one yet...well now he will!

A simple Meander was the quilting pattern, quilted with Antique Gold thread.

Great job, he will love it!

The flannel backing!

A Quilt made for a Judge!

Marge's son has just been nominated to become a Federal Judge in Nebraska! So she made this wonderful wall hanging that she hopes he will display in his new office! And I'm sure he will!

She had me custom quilt it. There is a wheat pattern in the borders. The checkered parts have Ginkgo trees because he has a Ginkgo tree in his front yard that the whole family likes and then I crosshatched the other 2 areas.

Made just right for a new Judge!

The borders.

The backing with the state of Nebraska on it!

Max's Quilt

Marge made this cute baby quilt for baby Max! He and his family will love this gift! Nicely done!

ELC5014 was the quilting pattern and it was quilted with Medium Grey thread..

The borders on the quilt.

The backing.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

My Jeepers Creepers Quilt

Finally got my Jeepers Creepers Halloween quilt done, so it's ready way ahead  and I have several months to get the binding done! :)

Military Gold was the thread color for the quilting.

Bubble Line Pano 001 Small was the quilting pattern.

On to Christmas quilts!!!!

The Grunge backing.