Friday, May 18, 2018

Jenney's Quilt

This beauty is for Chad's wife, Jenney, so they each have wonderful quilts from Billie! Jenney loves sunflowers so that is what she has now, a great sunflower quilt.

Sunlight was the thread color.

Circle Flowers was the quilting pattern.

Jenney will love this quilt! Great job!

The backing.

Chad's Ironman Quilt

Billie's nephew participated and finished the Ironman competition with the running, swimming and cycling! So of course he needed a Ironman quilt and Billie cam through with flying colors! Isn't this neat?? 

Sesame Seeds was the thread color.

Ironman Pano was the quilting pattern.

The center where she put the house as that is his center of his life with his family.



The backing. His grandmother was a postmistress!

Barb's Thanksgiving Door Panel Quilt

Barb found this great fall panel and knew it would make a really nice wall hanging!

Chestnut Swirls E2E was the quilting pattern.

Pine Shadow was the thread color. 

The backing.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

My Farm Fresh Produce Quilt

This is my Crabapple Hill Farm Fresh Produce quilt. My friend Donna did all of the hand embroidery! It is perfection, you know! And I pieced the quilt and quilted it! Click on each picture to see her wonderful embroidery.

The main embroidery at the top. The farmyard.



Bumblebee on flowers.




The borders on the quilt.

The backing is white.

Crazy For Christmas Quilt

Finally finished this flannel Christmas quilt! 

Christmas Bells was the quilting pattern.

Pine Shadow was the thread color.



The center of the quilt.

The borders on the quilt.

The backing.

My Embroidered Barns Quilt

This is my embroidered barns quilt. Done with machine embroidery. I custom quilted the quilt.

I cross hatched the blocks with a grid pattern.

The sashing and borders are done with a barbed wire pattern.

Goose was the thread color.

Each barn has a quilt block pattern on it.

You can click on the pictures for a closer look at the pictures.

Missy's Frivol Quilt

Missy pieced this quilt from the two frivol sets. She will drape it over a small chest or trunk. Nicely done!

Candlewick B2B was the quilting pattern.

Antique Gold was the thread choice.

The border on the quilt.

The backing.

Amy's Graduation Quilt

Mimi made this quilt for Amy for her graduation this fall! Stunning, isn't it?

Denali was the quilting pattern.

Power Purple was the thread choice.

The backing. Amy will love this quilt!