Monday, April 30, 2018

Anna's Quilt

This quilt is a treasure! It was made by Lori's grandmother, years ago, given at some point to her mother and years later found by her father in his house while going through things that had belonged to her mother and grandmother. Her father asked her, do you want this stuff? EEK! Of course she wanted anything guilty and things that had belonged to her grandmother! And this quilt is the epitome of a grandmother's quilt!

Lovingly made with feed sack fabrics, what a delightful fabric, and vintage fabrics in each block. 

The quilting pattern that Lori chose was called Flower Swirls and it was quilted in a shade of pink called Satin Slipper.

I took these photos while the quilt was still on the longarm so the light still isn't the best, but it's a large quilt and I know that Anna would be happy to know that the quilt was finally finished and will be loved by her granddaughter!

The backing shows on the roller above.

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