Sunday, September 20, 2009

And now a word about kittens.....

Do you ever wonder where all those kittens run to hide when you go out the door? Well, we found out that the last batch of kittens are really tree dwellers. We watch them go up and sometimes come tumbling down and there is NO FEAR of heights! They can be seen in the crook of a tree sleeping away. The breezes keep them cool and there is no fear of a coyote or mean cat or whatever is out there when they are high in the sky. Look close to see the little calico in the branches. Sometimes all 5 try to pile up on each other, but that doesn't always work and you definitely have to hold on to something! A couple of them have not learned to come down backwards and they come down head first and the last 10 feet where there aren't any branches seem to lend a hand in making them fly down in a heap, but they get back up in a flash!

Enjoy, cat lovers!

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