Sunday, September 20, 2009

Doreen S's Quilts

Here is Doreen's Sampler Quilt in blues and browns and pinks. I quilted a Flower Swirls on this sampler and used a Foliage Rose thread.
Another new customer of mine is Doreen S. She is just getting into quilting and is doing a great job of it! Here is her applique quilt that she finished after taking a class at her church in Omaha. I have quilted this same quilt for several other Omaha ladies who also participated in the class. The teacher of the class sure is doing a good job of showing this ladies how to put a quilt together because they have all been nicely done. They are done with fusible applique and then after I quilt them the owner of the quilt is applying buttons, or other embellishments to the finished quilt. Keep up the great work, Doreen!

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