Sunday, September 20, 2009

Karyl's ABC Baby Quilt.

Normally when I am telling you about a quilt, I show a picture, fingers got going on my delete button and I lost a file of current pictures but the good thing is that they were already saved on my website so, please visit my website at to see Karyl's ABC quilt. It is on page 98 of the customer quilt lists, just click on customerquilts and then page to the left and you will find the cute quilt. She whipped this together for a nephew's baby soon to come and what a lucky baby that will be! I quilted it with the Sticky Buns pattern, a favorite of mine with Mimosa (bright yellow) thread.
And while you are at it, look above on that page 98 to see more of Marie's quilts and also her other Pinwheel quilt on page 97. I will try hard to not delete these pictures again!

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