Friday, May 2, 2014

Kathy's Jelly Roll Quilt

Here is Kathy's rendition of the Jelly Roll Quilt with the added spin on it as the Missouri Star Quilt Co does it. Instead of joining the strips end to end, you place a solid square after each strip for added interest and see how neat it looks!

I was given the task of choosing a quilting pattern for this, so I chose Sparks as the pattern!
Hope she likes it!

And the infamous Pirate Green thread was used, how fun was that!

A row of charm squares finishes out the top and bottom of the quilt, a nice way to do it!

The awesome border fabric.

Then you piece the back.

I absolutely LOVE this green leaf fabric!

The solid blue really shows the quilting pattern.

And even a few lilacs for good measure!

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