Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rules for Easter Egg Hunts in the Country

My husband (aka the Easter Bunny) spent hours filling 80 plastic eggs with coins and candy and hid them outside all over the yard last night.
The morning arrived and our youngest granddaughter put on my big purple boots (grass was wet) and went in search of the goodies!
However, what she found were the eggs, opened for the most part, with the money inside or all over the ground, and the candy gone!
Footprints showed that the raccoons had a grand old time finding the eggs last night and eating all the candy, wrapper and all and leaving the money behind!
Rules: Provide purple boots for granddaughters and hide the eggs in the morning or the raccoons will beat you in the egg hunt. See the pictures below to see what they left. She did have a few pieces of candy that they missed because the eggs were hard to open, but can you imagine what fun they had last night!

Wind blown, but she has found the majority of eggs!


Cathi said...

Thank goodness she at least had the money left by the raccoons! Bet there were some very hyper-active raccoons after that sugar hit!

sara velder said...

I think now that the raccoons know about the candy, they will show up dressed as little real people and come to trick or treat at Halloween!