Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lucille's Incredible Quilt

I am always amazed at the quilts that my customers bring to me to quilt, but the quilts that Lucille made were truly beyond amazing! Her col0r choices, the patterns she chose to make, and the fabric combinations were really something! Her sense of what went together and her flawless piecing were such a treat to see.
I never met Lucille, but I know her quilts and she was a gifted quilter. But this was a sad quilt to quilt, her last quilt that she had made, her very last quilt as it will be placed on her casket next week. Lucille passed on Wednesday and she will be missed dearly, but her family will find comfort in her wonderful quilts and the great memories that she shared while making them.

Hundreds of strips of fabric!

Can you imagine piecing these blocks?

I used Tex Blue colored thread on the quilt.

The blue border next to the pieced inner border, just incredible!

The blue backing showed the Meandering Loops.

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