Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Barb's Table Cloth Quilt

This was a really neat idea. Barb brought over this table cloth that hadn't been used since the last time her whole family was together. It belonged to her parents so it is probably 30 or so years old. She wanted it quilted and picked a backing fabric to match. She looked over my patterns and decided on the roses with a tea cup and tea pot on it. I quilted with Dyed Natural thread and it is so neat! It is heavily quilted but with so much open space (it measures 64" X 98") it really turned out nice! So all I have to say is, go through your closets, your mother's closets, your salvation army stores and other thrift stores or antique nooks and crannies and find those table cloths and bring them over for a whole new life. I found 2 in my house that I just might make into quilts. You know, you can never have too many quilts!

A view of the backing, really shows the quilting pattern.

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