Thursday, August 8, 2019

Jane's Challenge Quilt

Jane is a snow bird! She spends time in Texas for the winter and in Texas. They have a quilt group down there made up of people all over and each block in this quilt represents a person from the area they call home in the summer months. They will raffle this quilt for a charity down in Texas.

PuffyClouds 10 was the quilting pattern that she chose.

Sesame Seeds was the thread color.

So many different blocks! Some embroidered, appliqued, or just pieced. Jane's block was the Nebraska one with the windmill. A button will be sewn on in the center of the windmill spokes.

Click on the blocks to get a closer look!

Friendship Star from Iowa.

This one will have snowflake buttons sewn onto it in the sky area and buttons for the car tires and other added festive accents.

The backing.

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