Friday, February 9, 2018

Barb's Elephant Walk Quilt

Don't you just love this?? Everyone should make this quilt and I am on the verge.... Barb made this quilt as did 2 of her friends!

You start to humm the "Baby Elephant Walk" from the old John Wayne movie, Hatari, google it and  watch the short clip and hear the song!

Barb used her collection of Asian fabrics for these guys and aren't they neat?

This quilt pattern is from Edyta Sitar's elephant pattern which was featured in the Quiltmania magazine #118.

The quilting pattern was Daisy Pano 002.

The thread color was Penny.

This will be a wall hanging for Barb and I know she will get may comments on it!

See the rest of the herd.

Great job!!

And her fabulous border fabrics!

Her backing!

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