Saturday, July 22, 2017

Joseph's Quilt

This is certainly a special quilt. Susan made it for Joseph who lives in the Netherlands. His birthday is in September so she is going to get it bound and sent straight away.
In WWII, Susan's husband's father, who was a paratrooper, was shot down and killed at the age of 21. He was buried in Belgium in a cemetery where thousands of Americans are buried who died in that area. Several of the locals have tended to those graves for over 50 years as gratitude to the forces that helped liberate them in the war.  Joseph is the person who has tended to Eugene's father's grave. Each anniversary in the family, each birth of a child and grandchild doesn't go unnoticed as Joseph has placed flowers on the grave for each and every occasion.  They correspond at Christmas and keep in touch even though they have never met. One of Susan's sons did, however, meet him at one time.
So in his honor, Susan pieced this as a birthday gift for this man who is probably in his mid 80's now.

Garden Stars was the quilting pattern.

Grey thread was used.

A quilt of valor for this man!

The borders.

Joseph will really love this quilt, I just know! A wonderful gift for him!

The backing.

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