Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sue's Meadow Daisy Quilt

Sue hand appliqued this magnificent quilt! She made this quilt from looking at the original that was called Meadow Daisy or Black-Eyed Susan, maker unknown, but made 1875-1900. The quilt is in the book by Sandra Dallas, "The Quilt That Walked to Golden". Sue did a superb job on this quilt!

I had quilting pattern made for this quilt. This alternate block has a bit of cross hatching in it.

I echoed the flower blocks.

The setting triangle had another flower in it.

The borders had piano key flowers on them.

Champagne was the thread color.

The corner blocks had another flower in it.

The corner of the center had yet another flower in them.

The backing with the soft yellow print. Nice!

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Amy Krance-Wendt said...

Wow -- so pretty! Beautifully done!!