Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Patty's 2016 Row By Row Quilt

Patty decided she wanted to make a row by row quilt so she collected the various patterns from quilt shops and chose the ones she wanted in her quilt and this is the result! How fun is this?

Each section is a pattern from a different quilt shop.

Most are Nebraska shops but a few are Kansas maybe another state.

This is the Omaha skyline from an Omaha shop.

The state capital is a great block!

Ice Cream houses!

This raccoon is so cute!

The corn that the raccoon is eating.

Champagne thread was used for the thread choice.

I love these little campers.

Home Sweet was the quilting pattern.

This little farm scene is way too cute!

I love this windmill!!

And Patty brought this quilt to me last Saturday and she started to make the quilt just the Wednesday before that, she is quick! She will turn the quilt in to one shop and hopefully wins their prize for the first finished Row By Row quilt turned in to the shop! I think she will win and it's a stack of wonderful fat quarters!

A great interesting quilt!

So nice!

Nine patches here and there.

The blue backing!

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