Sunday, October 11, 2015

Carol's "From This Day Forward" Quilt

Here is Carol's masterpiece! It was a Judy Niemeyer quilt pattern and it was completely paper pieced! And she did a magnificent job in doing the piecing!

The brilliant batiks just pop over the entire quilt!

I custom quilted this quilt with patterns that she drew up and digitized,.

Torch Ginger was the name of the thread that was used, most of a 6000 yard spool of thread!  And it only took 19 bobbins, that's those big bobbins!

The patterns intertwine with each other with floral designs and rings.

She made this to celebrate her ruby wedding anniversary.

The center gets lighter with the great pinks toward the center

The dark purples in the border fabric.

And scalloped edges.

Views of the backing where the pattern really shows on the solid black fabric.

She plans to hang it on her bedroom wall, I hope she has high ceilings!

A spectacular quilt, don't you think?

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