Thursday, May 21, 2015

Caroline's Quilt

Here is Caroline's quilt. A post or two back was her BFF, Kailey's quilt, and now here is the other half! The ice skating buddies made these quilts to take to their prospective colleges next fall. And this quilt will certainly keep Caroline warm at her Brooklyn college.

Northwoods 4 was the quilting pattern that she chose for her quilt.

Antique Brown thread was used on the quilt.

I love this star block!

Moose, deer and bear and of course, the woods, are all over this quilt.

Several of the blocks have a winter or Christmas look to them.

And this block is certainly in my own plans! However, Caroline's dear mother sent me a copy of the book where these patterns came from, it's from the book Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet and it is a wonderful book!
Thank you again, Carol!!!!

More of her blocks with all kinds of piecing, applique, paper piecing and everything else in the mix!
And did I mention, this is Caroline's FIRST quilt??

A large quilt to snuggle in next winter and her dorm room will be viewed with envy when her cronies see this quilt!

The border fabrics that show more of the patterns.

And the embroidered label showing her initials and those of her BFF and of course Caroline is from Plymouth MA! 

The very soft flannel backing!

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