Friday, August 16, 2013

Over The River Quilt

Finally, I have another quilt done! However, it would not be done if not for the extraordinary embroidery handwork that was done by my friend, Donna. She offered to do the embroidery work so I could get this quilt completed and she did an incredible job, as always! Thanks, Donna!

I used Mother Goose thread over the embroidered panels and Mohair thread on the rest of the quilt.

I put two different snowflake patterns on the pieced blocks.

I put an E2E snowflake pattern on the panels.

Remember, you can click on the pictures to get a closer view!

A little swiggle pattern on some of the sashing.

The Flying Geese blocks all had the same snowflake pattern on them.

A little hanging snowflake chain frames the center panels.

When I first showed this quilt pattern to my granddaughter, she said, "Grandma, you really DO live over the river and through the woods"! Yes, we do!

The backing fabric that I found long ago was called "Through the woods", I believe, or something like that.

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