Saturday, June 9, 2012

Aussies and Kiwies and Norwegians, OH MY!


Here's the story: The SUGAR convention is starting on the 10th of June and Statler owners from all over the world are coming for it and so when I found out that the Aussies and the Kiwies were coming, I invited them to stop by for supper! And then Karin and her husband from Norway sent a message out that they were coming to Nebraska the same time that the other travelers were heading for the International Quilt Study Center, so I invited them to come along, too! The SUGAR convention is for Statler owners and it is a 4 day event in Columbia MO.  I knew this would be fun to have everyone here and it was!!
Tables are set, ready for everyone.

We moved most of our furniture out of the living room and moved in the tables and chairs.

Getting ready for the crowd.

The bus decided not to attempt our driveway!

Walking to the house.

Gerry and Howard


Kaye giving Bobby his quilt.

Howard and Bobby, tour guide and bus driver.
Watching the quilt presentation.

Ole and Karin

Kaye and Bruce
Verna and Belinda
Sandra and Robin
Sharon, Dawn, and Michele


Katie and Michele

Joyce and Bob

Bernie and Bev

Evol, Joyce and Joanne

Joan, Sue, Kym and Chris

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