Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sam's Batik Nature Quilt

Ruby had her husband, Sam, pick out a pattern for a quilt for her to make for him and he did an excellent job when he picked this pattern! It was a block of the month quilt from Keepsake Quilting and it is a stunning quilt! Excellent choice and a quilt to be cherished!

Check out the short movie of this quilt being quilted at the bottom of the pictures.

Suburb piecing!

Olive Brown thread was used on the quilt!

The quilting pattern used was Deb's Feathers.

The center block.

This shows the center block and what is above it.

I love this block!

One of the blocks surrounding the center block.

The luscious leaf border.

One of the 9 surrounding blocks.

The borders and geese.

Incredible batik fabrics in such neat blocks!

Rows of flying geese on the top and the bottom of the quilt.

All the pictures below show the gorgeous batik backing!

See a video of the quilt being quilted below.

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