Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Show & Tell at the Oxbow Retreat 2009 Part 2

Linda's 2009 Oxbow Group Project nearing completion. Love the setting block look!
Peggy's Harley Quilt. Incredible details!

Carrie's small quilt. Awesome colors and fabrics!
Mary's finished quilt. This pattern was demonstrated last year by Linda.

Linda's great purchase! This was one of Mary Gormley's quilts that she sold, a wonderful Seven Sisters quilt!
Jan's creation.
Cindi's Cozy quilt.

Deb's little quilt!
Pam's little quilts.

Darlene's "Jinny Beyer" quilt. Alice had the kit also and Darlene surprised her by making her's also. Imagine making not one but two of these beauties!

Carol's WOW Quilt!
Carol's wonderful quilt!

Carol's sampler quilt.

Marcia's 2009 Oxbow Group Project

Marcia's playful quilt.
Stephanie's quilt where she cut the pieces out with her new "Go" machine.
Jean's Spectacular Quilt!

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